Welcome to the Smart Message Service offered by Bulk SMS 4 U, the easy way to send information. We here, at Amplus, offer complete end-to-end Bulk SMS solutions for your business. Our SMS Gateway provides a high quality interface to send SMS as a part of promoting the business, communicate the information to the staff and clients, and not the least as alerts such as payments and business offers. Here you can develop your own SMS Notification or Online Alerting Systems that automates SMS sending interns improves service value to customers. Use this Bulk SMS 4 U service to grow your business...

BulkSMS4U.com helps to provide seamless mobile-enabled services across all operators within the country using its SMSC Gateways. Irrespective of operator’s network, we provide a single platform for the clients to provide services to the consumers. Our solutions include Bulk SMS Messaging, SMS Marketing, and SMS Enabled Applications.

We are committed to work with our clients to identify their problems and coming up with perfect solutions, continuously improving and refining our operational capabilities. Integrate our SMS features with your business now and provide better service to your customers.

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